Animated Halftone GIFs

I've always been fascinated with motion. One of the primary motivating factors for me to write my own halftone software was because I knew it would enable me to animate the pattern. By late 2013 I had finally learned enough programming to create a halftone engine that had the potential of being fully developed (my previous attempts were far too naive and clunky) and I committed to making several looping GIFs per week. To keep myself interested, I kept adding new features to my software (or fine-tuning old ones). Along the way I made many breakthroughs and I am now able to use my software to create a halftone using any pattern including complex fractals, both in black and white and with a full range of colors. Over the several years that I've been developing my software, I posted well over 500 of these GIFs to Tumblr. Go to my Tumblr page now to see all of them. Otherwise, here are some of my favorites of the bunch. Enjoy!

I now also create murals and fine art in this style!