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Mandelmap fractal poster
A side project of mine is creating and selling fractal posters. The first poster I created is called the Mandelmap and it's a vintage style map of the Mandelbrot set fractal. Since its release in 2016 I've sold over 2000 copies to fractal fans in more than 40 countries. Visit today to get your own poster, available in two different sizes - a standard poster size and a massive size. Both sizes are professionally printed with offset lithography for crisp clean details. Currently, I am working on a poster of the related Buddhabrot fractal. Make sure to sign up with your email below to find out when that poster is released! 


Bill Tavis Society6 Sample Products Fractal Halftone

You can find many more products with my work on it at my Society6 store, where they have phone cases, clocks, shower curtains, rugs, mugs, coffee tables, and all kinds of other things! When you order something, Society6 prints the item with my design and ships it. I have no part in the process except for uploading the images and Society6 handles everything else. In recognition of the nature of this website, I've chosen specific images because I think they'd look great on a wide variety of products. They tend more towards pattern and design than a lot of my other work, although you'll see a couple familiar pictures there as well. Several of the designs are not available anywhere else. Click here to go to my society6 store now.