Fine Art Halftones

There is a certain freedom in only needing to be able to make white and black marks, which can be done in just about any medium. When I started making halftones in 2005, all of my work was done entirely with ink on paper and I did not use the computer at all even to plan the images. Eventually the desire for more complex patterns led me to develop a digital process and program my own halftone software, but I have always kept doing "analog" or non-digital artworks. Many of my biggest breakthroughs on the computer came from implementing things I figured out first by hand, and vice versa. My aim is always to become increasingly comfortable with the style, so that my subconscious can come through unimpeded, with whatever medium I happen to be using.


I am currently represented by West Chelsea Contemporary gallery, please contact them for purchase inquiries and commission requests.

I also paint halftone murals, click here to see them.