Digital Fine Art Halftones

The pieces on this page were all halftoned digitally, and then turned into tangible objects in some way. I spent several years developing my own custom software to create halftones, allowing me to have ultimate control over the output. But even with that, a computer cannot use its discretion and say "well, you told me to do it this way but I think it will actually look a bit nicer if I do it like this." So therefor I get my algorithmic result as close as I can, then I use a digital paint program to fix up all the details by hand. The result feels like a true collaboration between man and machine. Click here to see a step-by-step breakdown of the process for one of my newer pieces.

When the digital master is done, the image remains ephemeral yet full of potentiality. A halftone is, at its core, a mechanism for reproduction. So with these digital masters I have a wide variety of methods at my disposal for reproducing them. Beyond the typical inkjet print. I can screenprint them, I can engrave them on a CNC router, I can etch them with a laser, or I can easily scale them up to print on a vinyl banner. Some of them are closer to what would be considered a reproduction, such as a run of  screenprints - while others are closer to what would be considered an original, such as a CNC engraving that I've spent weeks working on by hand.

A few of these designs are available as prints, as well as some nicer engraved pieces. If you are interested in any particular piece, or you would like to commission me to create a new one, please feel free to contact me about it

You can see many more halftones in their purely digital form on my animation page. click here to see them