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"Fractal Revolution" painted Laser Engraving, 2018, 25 x 35 inches framed

Geometry forms the underlying basis of society, from literal buildings and streets to metaphorical structures and values. For thousands of years there has been a paradigm of Euclidean geometry, which encompasses the geometric shapes we are all familiar with like circles, triangles, and squares. These shapes are very powerful and good for building with - but they might not be everything we need as we progress. In these modern times of rapid change and turmoil a whole new class of geometry has arisen, known as fractals. They were not designed, but found, and I believe that these strange jagged shapes contain the key to reconnecting us with nature as we inevitably grind forward technologically. This piece was engraved into two separate sheets of acrylic plastic, painted by hand, and then mounted to a board and framed. The background was halftoned with a custom generated fractal using Diffusion Limited Aggregation, and the fist was halftoned with a pattern from the Mandelbrot set fractal.