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Welcome to Fractalism Halftonism Is the New Cubism, my blog about halftone art (including fractals)! I have two blogs on my new website, one is for news and that's where you'll find out about any shows I might be having, new prints for sale, etc. The second blog (this one) is for me to ramble on about all the crazy ideas stuck in my head. I've never really had a blog like this before and I have so much I want to say, so leave me some comments below to let me know someone out there is reading this, and it will encourage me to make it a habit! 

EDIT: I recently changed the name of this blog from Fractalism to Halftonism because that better reflects my art and what I am doing. I still love fractals just as much though!

My greatest technical innovations in the field of halftones revolve around my use of fractals and my use of arbitrary colors, both of which require complex mathematical operations. To kick things off, here's a psychedelic fractal bonfire halftoned in 6 colors! I created the pattern with a specially processed render from the Mandelbrot set, and I used it to draw fire footage that I videotaped myself. If you want to see more GIFs like this, click here to go to my animation gallery.


TAVIS fractal halftone bonfire color mandelbrot


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02 December, 2020


Can you explain how fractals are used in cubism and what formula you can use to prove this?

02 October, 2019

Paul Sanders

Like you I am a believer in fractalism being a new “ism”
Are you aware of Richard Taylor’s work..?

30 March, 2019

nick herbert

First of all, I love your art. It captures the best of the psychedelic experience. Second, I have used some of your art in my quantum tantra blog: google, for instance “quantum tantra quantum touch”. Third, I would like to use a still of one one of your quantum hand gifs for a cover of a possible new collection of poetry entitled QUANTUM TOUCH. Fourth I would love to send you a copy of my latest collection HARLOT NATURE, if you would send me your mailing address. I look forward to a fruitful collaboration.

NICK HERBERT (quanta@cruzio.com)

26 February, 2019


Leaving this comment as proof that someone is indeed reading! And also to say that this fire gif is LIT. 🔥

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